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Let’s Get Physical

What’s your daily regimen? How often do you pursue physical activity? I’m mostly talking about exercise but all movements of exertion are good for your heart, mind, soul and of course your body.

If you’re anything like me you might be one of those people who thinks too much. You get into your thoughts early and put off fitness as a sort of secondary thing. You think to yourself, “I’ll get to it later this afternoon or I’ll do some push ups or squats after a few meetings or calls. I can always go for a run this evening.” The next thing you know you’ve got some sort of deadline or emergency to attend to and your good intentioned exercise plan goes out the window.

Don’t get me wrong I love doing all sorts of sports and exercises. I just don’t get the same buzz out of it as I believe many people do. I run, kayak, hike, ride my bike, stretch, lift weights, play basketball and soccer with my kids, ski, swim, play squash, golf etc. But I have to remind myself to do some sort of daily activity otherwise I get distracted and put it off. Next thing you know I’m relaxing, enjoying a beer or a nice glass of wine telling myself that I’m deserving of this treat after ..

  • a successful day at work
  • a great new business contact
  • a fantastic new direction
  • a great feeling of gratitude for my wonderful life
  • any other nice thought of deservitude (sic)

Now I ask if you’re anything like me? If not, then stop reading NOW! Anything I need to do to get my exercise head on won’t help you as you’re already out there exercising and hitting your fitness goals. If you’re still with me then let me share with you a good life hack I created for myself that works pretty darn good if you’re a task master, list maker and list ticker like me.

Here ya go! My tracker from last year. It’s so simple and effective that you might find yourself using it too.

52 week work out tracker
It’s an “in your face” exercise tracker. It’s not a planner. I hate making plans, I like to be more spontaneous and live in the moment and on the edge. This tracker just let’s you keep track of what you did or didn’t do in terms of exercise each day. If you have too many blank spots it staring right back at you and motivates you to fill the space with something, anything. In case you’re wondering where weeks 47-52 are, they’re on the back 🙂 but I think you get the gist. P=push ups, C=curls, R=run etc. You can make up your own symbols for the exercises you enjoy doing, everything counts as long as you’re moving.

And here’s where I’m at so far this year, I injured my hand early in the year so couldn’t do push ups and then had a really bad ankle sprain which really held me back on my runs. This is where my new found love for kayaking came in handy.

52 week work out tracker for 2016 1

I hope this helps a bit as every little bit does. Keep your heart strong and keep moving, never stop moving!!

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Dominic Kotarski

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