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You gotta go VAST unless you wanna go home! Here’s why…

In the world of running a team of business development and/or salespeople who are instrumental in bringing in new business to your enterprise, it’s imperative that you have an evergreen mentality and way of keeping them on track.

I’ve developed the VAST-approach℠ in order to keep your team on task. Here’s a snippet of the overarching approach:

V = Vision – Your current vision needs to be articulated on a consistent and ongoing basis. It should be embedded in your team’s brain just like your company’s DNA. As master motivator Anthony Robins has said again and again,“Repetition is the mother of skill.” I would say that repetition of your current vision is just as equally important.

If your business development team is like most companies then you will have a significant amount of staff turnover. It is for this reason that you often aren’t aware how much of your company’s culture and secret sauce your core team is sharing with the new team members. It’s up to you to share stories and impart this wisdom on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You’ve got to instill your company’s values and culture into every new team member. Don’t leave it to chance.

A= Attitude – Is simply everything. Your attitude will determine how effectively you bounce back from adversity. It can make or break your team and your company. Attitude can’t be faked and must be genuine and displayed daily. Your attitude can have an infectious effect on your team for better or worse and unfortunately many managers forget the power they wield when they exude a poor personal attitude.

Attitude is a learned skill. Some people are naturally more upbeat or positive than others, but in a moment of panic might automatically resort to a pessimistic tone. The attitude you embrace will be adopted by your team.

When you adopt a policy to hire on a person’s attitude and ability to respond to adversity then you’ll surely reap the rewards when your company experiences tough times. They will undoubtedly be instrumental in inspiring your team to be creative problem solvers as their positivity and mental toughness rubs off on their colleagues.

S = Strategy – Share your strategy daily with your team. Teach them how to be more strategic with their approach to developing their careers in your company, not just your corporate strategy on gaining new business. Give them the roadmap and explain how they can develop their careers by helping your company reach their goals.

With a constant message on strategy and how best to implement it, you will be teaching your salespeople how to better align their energy and ambitions with your company’s growth plans. Once people see that they can build a solid future in your organization they will consciously unleash their personal passion which will ultimately bring a new energy that can help to grow your company’s market share or enable you to go after a new one.

T= Tactics – When you share your vision, display a positive attitude and show your company’s growth strategy on a daily basis with your team you are making room for ever-important course correction. All that’s left is to show your team how to implement tactics.

The art of winning business is the art of implementing tried and proven tactics. When you’re constantly sharing best practices and explaining how to approach the marketplace with the right tactics then your team will steadily grow and their skill level will consistently increase.  (See my training video on Autonomy Levels to get a deeper look at how this can work for your team)

When you implement the VAST-approach℠ in your daily team meetings you will be constantly adding to your foundation and making it stronger and stronger. You will be creating an added layer of stability that will allow you to add new products, services or divisions to your organization.

The overarching themes of Vision, Attitude, Strategy and Tactics must be coupled with the underlying effects of V=Variety, A=Accountabilty, S=Systems and T=Technology.

Needless to say, utilizing the tenet’s of VAST℠ will provide a growth platform for your business and give you that evergreen effect for years to come. For more information on my system please contact me at

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Dominic Kotarski

Dominic Kotarski is an author, coach, sales trainer and Founder of Sales Success Academy. He's personally inspired, coached, trained and managed thousands of salespeople and business owners in 11 different countries. You can find him in Vancouver, Canada where he lives, works, runs, ski's and spends most of his free time with his family.

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