“We have used Dominic Kotarski regularly to train and inspire our recruiters. He has an immense reservoir of practical experience and uses it amply in his trainings. The face to face trainings that he did for Outreach Fundraising were all very well founded and very involving. Due to his energetic unique style of presenting he is able to motivate large groups visually. It is clear how much his audiences appreciate his work from the many applause’s he draws while presenting.”

              Henk Smit – Director, Reactie & Response, The Netherlands

Dominic Kotarski and his company Sarcio Solutions Inc. provide professional sales coaching & training. He is Internationally renowned as an Expert in Face to Face Direct Selling and Team-Building. He’s the author of the Best Selling Sales Guide “The Making” and is the the founder of  Sales Success Academy which he developed in order to offer his sales expertise and business building success formula’s to a wider audience.

Dominic’s background in sales started when he was 8 years old selling vegetable seeds door to door in his own neighborhood. At 16 he was selling contracts for his landscaping business so he could make enough money to travel to Europe.

By 18 he started a parking lot and road striping business with his best friend in order to pay his way through University. Obviously, selling his services to paving companies, seal coating companies and any business that needed to freshen up lines on their parking lot.

After graduating from college he decided to move to Australia to see if he could make it on his own from scratch. Dominic says, “My original goal was just prove to my friends and family that I could last at least one year overseas.”

From that original goal and finding the right business partners in Sydney, Dominic set up his own direct sales company. Selling various products and services via business to business and door to door methods.

Through a combination of massive inspiration, working with great people and lots of hard, focused work, he ended up managing over 1200 independent sales contractors.  He lived and worked in some of the greatest cities in the world. Sydney Australia, Auckland New Zealand, London England, Copenhagen Denmark, Amsterdam Holland and finally Vancouver Canada. He trained managers, supported expansion, managed people and offices in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, England, Ireland, Kenya, Uganda, Denmark, Holland and now Canada.

At the peak of his career in his early 30′s He decided to spend more time with his children and raise his boys in The Netherlands. He spent the first few years running  his own Direct Sales business and partnering on some various ventures in the telecommunications market.

In his 40′s he decided to become a Business Coach and share his unique insights with medium sized companies. He was certified and trained by the world renowned Dr.Skiffington and before long was coaching and training multi-billion dollar Dutch Energy companies in the newly de-regulated European energy market; coaching executives, developing sales teams, helping set up whole infrastructures to support sales and product development.

Dominic says,”My passion is to start with a small group of dedicated people. Set up the recruiting, ongoing training and coaching systems along with the right incentives, opportunities and payment systems for growth. I work intensely with the team of managers and dedicated sales staff to build the right sales culture. This includes getting the marketing departments to work tighter with the sales department. Once things are running and the systems are operating then I’m off to the next challenge.”

It is widely recognized that coaching provides powerful performance results and Dominic’s proven methods combine the power of coaching with the practicality of training.

Your people will develop improved skills by attending and fully participating in Dominic’s Dynamic Sales Training and Coaching tutorials. Our programs are designed to deliver outstanding and ongoing results. Individual programs can be tweaked to match, enhance or replace your current systems. Our Sales Growth System has helped 100’s of Sales Organizations to reach over 7 figures and some have hit 8 figures. Dominic’s goals are to continue to help salespeople, sales managers and organizations to hit and surpass their targets.

Dominic has a great passion for working with sales teams. He never fails to engage his audience and always strives to bring out their best efforts.

Dominic’s topics and trainings will cover these areas and common issues and challenges such as…

  • Self-Confidence and Motivation
  • Development of Adaptable Behaviours
  • More Relatable Sales Techniques
  • How to Create and Maintain Relationship Capital
  • Identification and Elimination of Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Establishing Career Goals and Direction
  • Improve People Management Skills
  • Group Team Training Initiatives
  • Better One-to-One Coaching techniques
  • Pioneering New Global Markets
  • Creation and Development of New Sales Teams
  • How to Create a Training and Coaching Sales Culture
  • The Real Psychology of Motivation


If your business is seriously looking to improve it’s sales, conversion rates , attrition rates or you just simply want to take your business to the next level………

Then by all means give us a call so your company can benefit from Sarcio Solutions Inc. proven sales systems, coaching and training techniques. Keeping in mind that our systems have been proven to bring ongoing results for over twenty five years and Dominic’s entire career has been devoted to improving the skills, motivation and performance of Sales Professionals all over the world.

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Dominic Kotarski – International Consultant | Author | Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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