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I write about the incredible journey of being an entrepreneur. My articles range from discussing the practical skills of managing and coaching people to the more esoteric needs of maintaining motivation and inspiration along the way. My intentions are to initiate ideas, share hard earned wisdom and urge positive action through my articles and videos. My core values are about building and maintaining personal freedom and financial independence through ones career and life.

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It’s Down to You

It's Down to You At the end of the day, the business you have, the career you've built, the life you live is all down to you. The decisions and choices

What Works For You

New Lifestyle Habits As we all know, fitness is extremely important if you want to reach and maintain peak performance throughout your career and life. I've tried various fitness and health

Where You Stand

Stand Tall What is the use of credit if you don't use it? In my mind, it's nice to have the option to use credit in case you might need it

Getting Paid or Not

To Earn a little now or Earn Big Later - That is the question If you weren't getting paid to do what you're doing now then what would you rather be

Thoughts and Actions

Thoughts and Actions It all starts with your thoughts. In fact, all great accomplishments started with a thought, but not just a simple rumination, more like a relentless recurring thought explosion.

The Big Two

Two Things What are the two most important things you must do in order to be your best and live your best life? There is absolutely no substitute for these two

Relentless Focus

Relentless Focus We know that true success is accomplished through a combination of hard work, strategic action and timing. But without persistent day to day focus, it's very easy to lose

One Life

It's All One We've all tried it and we've all probably eventually come to the same conclusion that it's near impossible to separate your personal life from your professional life. If

Thinking Big

Think Bigger - Dream Massive Your brain loves to think and solve problems, your heart loves to imagine and dream of future possibilities. Exercise your mind, body and soul daily by imagining

What You Got

WWWYG In honor of all those bootstrappers out there which I can proudly attest to be a member, it's important to remind ourselves of the old Axiom. Work With What You Got! This,