The Journey Never Ends

What the future holds is not nearly as important as how you’re dealing with your current situation. When you spend too much of your mental energy on trying to control a future outcome you end up missing the important markers in the present moment. Time is on your side if you allow it to expand in…

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Personality Rules!

a pciture showing a purple outlined cube and a white circle with the phrase "just like trying to fit a cube in a circle"

Yes, that’s what we really want! We don’t want to work with someone who will bore us to tears even if you can get the job done. Especially if we can find someone that can do just as good as you but is a helluva lot more fun to meet up with, brainstorm with, go to client meetings…

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Personal Power

this picture shows 5 people doing the fist bump

It’s always about what’s happening on the inside. Some call it the inside game, others call it the mental game. I like to refer to it as managing your Personal Power. Regardless of the name, your ongoing personal development hinges on understanding and broadening your… Personal Power Paradigm or PPP You can attribute the following thought patterns…

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Managing Yourself

A black and white picture of a tree without any leaves with the words "self-management, I got this and I was born for this spread on the tress

How do you do it? Do you manage yourself like you do your staff? Do you encourage yourself like you do your loved ones? How bout your self-talk? All good, you don’t berate yourself or beat yourself up when you make a mistake? Then by all means,  give yourself an A+ and sprinkle on a couple of silver…

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Emotions in Check

time, health, relationships, finances

No matter how hard we try to hide it or deny it our emotions will always end up controlling the day. And our day’s will always be the building blocks of our lives. Therefore if we don’t learn to listen carefully and respectfully to our inner drives we will ultimately pay for our negligence over time.…

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Goal Setting Tips

a picture of Dominic Kotarski speaking on a your tube video with the forest in the background and the words Sales Success showing in the foreground

How do you eat an Elephant? Well, hopefully not all in one go. It’s never easy to hit all your goals and ambitions in one year but you would be surprised how much you can accomplish in 36 to 60 months of focused, concerted, day by day, bit by bit consistent effort. All too often…

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Deep and Meaningful

a young girl is taking a picture with her phone as she stands on the edge of a bridge crossing a large river

In the beginning, I’m referring to our individual beginning we are inundated with copious amounts of sensory inputs; sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and touches. From this first waking moment, we are blessed with the ability to seek connections both internally and externally. We immediately seek to connect to our humankind, then to our natural and…

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Moment by Moment

a picture of a lilly plant with the inscription sayin "moment by moment living wll and paying close attention

Everything you experience in life happens in moments. Moments are simply small segments of time and these small segments add up to your whole life for better or worse; hopefully for the better of course. Your career, your business, your relationships are strung together moment by moment. We’ve all had a few defining moments in our…

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Scientific Method

Make an Observation Form a Question Form a Hypothesis Conduct an Experiment Analyse the Data Draw a Conclusion

As you build your business, your career, and your successful life it’s imperative to keep a sharp approach to your way of thinking. I want to share an excerpt from The Demon-Haunted World – Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagan. Science is far from a perfect instrument of knowledge. It’s just the best we…

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Timeless Messages

A picture showing a field of wheat ready to be reaped

Time is one thing we all share in common. We’ve created a modern structure that makes day to day life much easier and business activities more profitable. Imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have a mutually agreed upon time structure? Transport would be a nightmare, getting a group of people together…

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