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New Lifestyle Habits

As we all know, fitness is extremely important if you want to reach and maintain peak performance throughout your career and life. I’ve tried various fitness and health regimes throughout my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and now 50’s. All types of health and fitness activities have their advantages and there aren’t many downsides unless you overdo them or injure yourself in the process of hitting your fitness goals.

At the beginning of this year, and with the full awareness that I’d be reaching the midpoint of my 5th century, I decided to make a concerted effort to reduce my abdominal girth. I’ve known that I was dissatisfied with my ever-increasing tummy over the last few years and my daily runs were keeping me in good physical shape but they weren’t chewing up enough calories to take off any of my excess tummy weight.

Like most people, I’m happy to follow a system if it works for me and I feel like I’m making headway on my fitness and health goals. I’ve shared a few of my fitness hacks in my previous posts. But so far, the best lifestyle change I’ve made that’s had the most significant effect on my waist reduction has been following the Fast-5 lifestyle. (here’s a Free E-Book that explains how it works)

It’s not fair to call it a diet because you don’t have to measure your food intake or count your calories. All you have to do is eat whatever you want within a consistent five-hour window each day. I chose the window from 5 pm to 10 pm. During this window, I can eat and drink whatever I want and then over the next 19 hours I don’t eat anything and only drink, water, coffee or tea. I know this sounds like it would be a difficult thing to do because your missing out on eating breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day, however, it’s been much easier than I ever thought it would.

Don’t get me wrong it takes a bit of planning and discipline to get through the first few weeks but after you get used to going without food during the day it’s amazing how quickly your body adjusts to it. As the title of my article states, “it’s what works for you” and this simple, easy to understand and follow system works really well for me. In addition, I found that my energy is much steadier over the course of the day and I don’t get that mid-day slump that often proceeds a decent lunch.

I’ve been on it since January 1st of this year and now that it’s mid-August I feel obliged to share my results. I’ve lost 9 pounds of something in weight and 6 centimetres of something else from around my waist. I’ve gone off the regimen on a handful of occasions either when I’m invited to breakfast or lunch with clients or when I’m travelling and I don’t want to pass up the paid-for breakfasts. But when I returned back home I always jumped right back on my daily eat from 5pm-10pm routine.

I just thought I would share something that’s worked for me and maybe it’s something for you to consider if you’re interested in trying something new and don’t want to count calories or go on a difficult diet/weight loss regimen.

No matter what, as we age we all put on a few extra pounds that we don’t really want.  Following the Fast-5 lifestyle has worked for me and it never hurts to try something new if you think it might be something for you too.

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