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deep and meaningful

Deep and Meaningful

In the beginning, I’m referring to our individual beginning we are inundated with copious amounts of sensory inputs; sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and touches. From this first waking moment, we are blessed with the ability to seek connections both internally and externally.

We immediately seek to connect to our humankind, then to our natural and man-made surroundings. At first, our sights and probably our thoughts are in black and white with shades of grey but as the months pass we start to visualize the color and within our fourth month we’re able to see with the full spectrum.

What determines our quality of life and being is totally down to our own thoughts feelings and the meaning we mindfully attribute to them. And it is with this fact in mind that I want us all to pause… take a deep breath… and consider how many deep and meaningful conversations, connections, events, experiences, and accomplishments you’ve experienced over the last 12-months? As you pause and reflect on this last question I want you to allow a feeling of gratitude to sweep over your mind and body and as you do this breath fully, inhaling and exhaling in a nice easy rhythm.

How did this simple exercise make you feel? Do you feel more vibrant, connected alive, and appreciative of the special cherished moments you’ve shared over this past year? Are you ready to create, experience, and have countless more of these moments in the coming year?

This is my great wish for everyone that I’ve connected with as well as my fellow passengers on our (so far) only life-sustaining revolving rock. And to leave you with one of my favorite tokens of Irish Wisdom…

May the best of your past be the worst of your future!

Irish Blessing

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Dominic Kotarski

Dominic Kotarski is an author, coach, sales trainer and Founder of Sales Success Academy. He's personally inspired, coached, trained and managed thousands of salespeople and business owners in 11 different countries. You can find him in Vancouver, Canada where he lives, works, runs, ski's and spends most of his free time with his family.

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