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Most people will believe things once they see or experience them. In contrast, true entrepreneurs know you have to first believe something before you’re able to see it. What they intuitively know is that you’re actually creating something from nothing.

Well, not really from nothing, but it is in the sense of starting from scratch and building a growing business from the ground level up. It all starts with a burning desire from the original founder(s) and in this instance from my good friend Danny Mugarura who ventured back to Uganda, his home country, after nearly 25 years away.

An Entrepreneur finds his calling back in Africa

Danny grew up in Uganda but left when he was a young 16 years old in order to explore the world and create his life in a new country. He ended up in London, England and after quite a few dead-end jobs eventually found his calling as an entrepreneur setting up many businesses and building a family.

In 2015, he moved back to Uganda on a hunch that the timing was right to build a business and bring a great opportunity to his African compadres. How right he was and in 3 short years has already expanded his business to five East African countries.

Last month, I was asked to be a keynote speaker at his 3rd annual Rally at the beautiful Kampala Serena Hotel and was able to track him down for a short interview to share some of his “Success Secrets” in which he rightfully pointed out was a bit cliche’. You gotta and you’re gonna love this guy!!!

Watch the interview HERE!

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Dominic Kotarski

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