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4 Success Modalities

If you’re destined to succeed then you’ll be working in the realm of these Success Modalities. You must build your business and life around these 4 Success Traits.

  • Passion- the spark of creativity

  • Belief – the content of your mind-set

  • Certainty – the way of the warrior

  • Conviction – the way forward

There’s no such thing as constant success or continual defeat. There’s only work, work and more hard work. And that’s the fun of it.

I’ve been running weekly since I ran the London marathon in 2001. I’m not a maniac about it and I don’t constantly tell people how committed I am or how fantastic I am because I’ve kept up my running regime. It’s just a simple promise to myself that I made way back when.

In fact, when I was growing up and playing sports mostly football (The American kind), basketball (the Canadian kind) and baseball (the reinvented by the Japanese kind). I always hated running because the coaches made us do it.

I was forced to run track by our basketball coach. He wouldn’t let us play unless we joined the track and field team during the off season. I always hated the effort it took to run those bleedin wind sprints, or “killers” in the gym.

So when my buddy Richard Fox (ex-British Commando) made me shake on a bet way back in December 2000.

“Mate, we’re gonna do something that will change ours lives,” He said as he held out his hand.

After I shook his outstretched hand because you have to shake a guy’s hand on a bet especially when that dude is “The Fox” he screamed,

“We’re ****ing running the London Marathon!

Keep in mind this was mid December and the marathon was in mid April. So I had to start getting back into running shape and fast. I didn’t take training seriously until Jan 1… well more like Jan 2.

I experienced all kinds of ailments and soreness when I started pounding the streets in preparation for the challenge. It didn’t take long for the knife sharp pain of shin splints to hit. I think it was a combination of running the streets of Amsterdam and wearing the wrong kind of shoes. Nevertheless, I had to find some softer ground to keep training because I had so little time to get running fit.

In hindsight, I probably should have started training a bit sooner but you know how it goes when you think you’re in better shape than you actually are? After taking a couple of days off and then reading a blog post about running through the shin splint pain. I made a mental note to myself.

“Dom, once you get back in running shape, you must never lose it Dom, ever!! So this small little promise has kept me running since 2000. Now 15 years later I’m extremely glad I stuck to my word. And I’m sure my boys are happy to have their dad still active and ready to play sports at the drop of a hat.

Now when I head out the door the only certainty is that I will finish my run come hail or high water. Some days it’s a breeze to complete my hilly trail run other days I can feel exhausted and winded within minutes of beginning my 10k commitment.

Running a successful business is no different. There’s good times and easy times where the money flows, clients come easy, people are clambering to join your business and no customer headaches. Conversely, there are times when your bleeding cash, your office burns down (touchy subject) people are leaving your business, clients are hard to find and customers are complaining and asking for refunds.

My advice is to work through it. Tough times don’t last but tough people do. If it were so easy to succeed then everyone would be successful.

Sometimes it’s hard but that’s the time to “get excited”. In fact, if you can train your mind, heart and soul to get more motivated the harder things get then you’re definitely onto a winning formula.

Know when to fold for sure, but that’s half the battle because sometimes success is just around the corner. Just one more pitch or presentation, Just one more call. Success becomes a habit when you have the habit of working through your problems, issues and challenges.

When you roll up your sleeves and get stuck in to the work. Your life’s work…

“How sweet it is,” as Jackie Gleeson used to say “How sweet it is” Indeed!

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