Personality Rules!

a pciture showing a purple outlined cube and a white circle with the phrase "just like trying to fit a cube in a circle"

Yes, that’s what we really want! We don’t want to work with someone who will bore us to tears even if you can get the job done. Especially if we can find someone that can do just as good as you but is a helluva lot more fun to meet up with, brainstorm with, go to client meetings with, travel with, work closely on projects with and the rest.

So many people try to over professionalize themselves to the point of hiding their sense of humor, their quirky personality traits and just about any other possibly endearing qualities they might have.

You see, people rarely perceive you like you think they do. Most of what you think people think about you are in your imagination.

If you really want to know how you should act, my sincerest advice is to be… Yourself multiplied by 10!: and please include your energy, your enthusiasm, your way of looking at things, your outrageous thoughts, your subtly bold feelings and your dress sense.

“Be you x 20 if you have to! Go for it, have fun, relax, don’t think…just do….just be… and start exceeding your own expectations.”

You’ll be glad you did. And your colleagues will too… If not, then you can always go back to being your old self minus warts and all.

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