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Have Courage or Do Courage

Nobody can say for sure which characteristics you must possess in order to determine whether or not you will be a success, a failure or just plain mediocre. In fact, you should never allow anyone’s opinion, whether factual or biased of your life’s endeavors, seep into your personal judgment of your life’s achievements or lack thereof (which is quite an achievement if you’re surrounded by over-achievers).

We’re all made up of different stuff. Most of us are generally good at whatever we put our minds to and practice with reckless abandon. Others have been given quite focused abilities which become apparent before they’ve finished with high school. And let’s not forget those child prodigies that are gifted with amazing natural abilities from the cradle and which are nurtured in an environment of praise and progress although they represent a very small percentage of the human race.

What we do know with 100% accuracy is that those that have succeeded and will continue to succeed are those that have chosen to raise their level of courage and “fear facing” to the point that they make it look effortless. This can only be observed with 100% accuracy by our own personal internal observation.

Only we know for sure if we are feeling the fear. Only we know if we are backing away from a potential opportunity. And only we know if we have conjured up our courage enough to face our fears and conquer our internal beasts.

It took me many years as an entrepreneur before I eventually learned how to recognize my fearful situations for what they were. It took me, even more, to learn how to consistently choose to “Do Courage” in spite of my “feeling of fear.” It was a diligent process before I could easily recognize how clever I had been at denying the fact that I was avoiding countless opportunities for growth by using avoidance tactics and dastardly denial strategies to avoid calling “my feeling of discomfort” for what it really was… just plain fear.

There are no tricks to this, and for me, that seemed to be “the trick”. If you need a trick then I  would endeavor to say it would be in recognizing that there are absolutely no human beings alive on our planet that are immune to fear. No one possesses courage as an internal characteristic or separate entity.

People that have achieved success on their own terms have learned to deal with their “feeling of fear” and rather than try to convince themselves that they are courageous, I truly believe they have learned to “Do Courage” in the moment > I’m pretty sure they don’t waste their energy on thoughts of grandeur, trying to convince themselves that they’ve arrived. I’m pretty sure they just deal with each situation as it comes and choose to “Do Courage” when it’s called for. I firmly believe they have learned to give it what they’ve got and moved onto their next situation whatever it may be; assuming they survived their last attempt.

I’m very curious how you face your fears and do your courage thing?

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Dominic Kotarski

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