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Believe the Hype

So here we are watching a brave new business world: A clutch of high profile entrepreneurs have seized center stage and are amassing huge fortunes as the stock prices of their exotic new companies defy all accepted rules. New communications technologies are redrawing the very boundaries of organizations. New forms or retailing are rendering geography irrelevant. Traditional patterns of work seem to be disappearing, causing both unprecedented opportunity and widespread economic anxiety. All around us, a new economic order is being born.*

Sound familiar? Well it shouldn’t because this was written in 1890’s.

What I love and loath about this short excerpt is that it conjures up genuine emotions. I get the push and pull of exhilarating feelings; both “Wow, this is exciting, we’re certainly living in exciting times” and the little fear of loss as if “I’m missing out on something and better jump on board before it’s too late.”

This is not only great prose but also the author was a good marketer. Over 120 years later these words and phrases can still be used to great effect.

  • “Brave New World”
  • “High Profile Entrepreneurs” 
  • “Amassing Huge Fortunes”
  • “Defying Rules”
  • “New Technologies”
  • “Unprecedented Opportunity”

As entrepreneur’s we should be using as many tools as possible in order to lead our team and move our businesses to the next level. Are you using tried and proven methods that have worked for 100’s if not 1000’s of years? As Sir Isaac Newton said,

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Work hard, learn from the past, inspire yourself so you can inspire others and let’s make this 21st Century… THE BEST CENTURY YET!!!

*an excerpt from an article written in Inc. by Jerry Useem titled “Who changed things? Who’s changing them now? And exactly what makes an entrepreneur great, anyway?

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Dominic Kotarski

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