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5 Things that Affect our Lives

So often we blame our circumstances instead of looking directly at the questionable decisions we made that got us in our mess in the first place. It’s a convenient way to react to our current circumstances. Many many years ago, I found myself thinking…

“Why does all this bad stuff always seem to happen to me…Just when I was starting to get ahead…. all of a sudden BAM! another financial setback, personal issue, relationship problem,  ____etc.____”

I was so short sighted that I was quick to blame any person, circumstance or institution with my woe. It took many personal setbacks, dis-appointments and lack of results before I started to look at my challenging situations from another angle and set out on a journey of personal development and self responsibility. I wrote quite a bit about this I’m my book “The Making.”

What I came to realize is how much power I actually had over my circumstances. I couldn’t change certain facts about my life, however I could change how I reacted to challenging situations. I remember searching for inspiration, knowledge and personal power so I could learn to master my attitude concerning my current circumstances and any future events life might throw at me.

Just recently I was watching an old recording from the late great Jim Rohn  where he spoke about the 5 Things that affect our lives. I was moved by some of the things he said.

  1. Environments – We aren’t able to choose where we’re born and who our parents are. Unarguably, these two things have a profound affect on how we develop at an early age. But once we’re an adult, it’s our own decisions that will mold our lives.
  2. Events – We could simply be in the wrong place at the right time, the right place at the wrong time, the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time. All of the above have the power to alter our lives for better or worse.
  3. Results – The results we get from the effort we put into something affects our belief, our potential and our future actions. Poor results can compound as can positive results; altering our beliefs and potential in the process.
  4. Knowledge – The more we know about a topic the more empowering our decisions can be concerning said topic. The ability to learn and confidence in our learning ability, the more command we will have on our life’s important decisions.
  5. Dreams – Our deepest fears can be overcome by the Power of our Biggest Dreams.

I would like to share a couple of Jim Rohn quotes:

  • Success is something you attract by the person you become.
  • Profits are better than wages.
  • Your income is directly related to your philosophy, not the economy.
  • Don’t wait for the economy to change…Change your philosophy. Don’t search for the exotic until you’ve discovered the basic. Make sure the greatest pull on you is the pull of the FUTURE!
  • Goals pull like a magnet. the bigger they are the stronger they pull. – Jim Rohn

After I listened to Jim speak I wrote this little mantra, I feel compelled to share my mantra with you now!

                                                  I am king of me, I will lead myself 

I am smart, intelligent, strong, kind, empathetic, resilient, loving, encouraging, inspiring, thoughtful, prudent, loyal and patient.

I can accomplish any goal I set for myself.

I can learn and master any skill necessary to complete my ambitions and make my dreams a reality.

I am a truly World Wise and a Global Citizen.

I hope my mantra inspires you to write yours. Feel free to share yours in the comment boxes below. I’d love to hear it and I’m sure our readers will get inspiration from it too.

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Dominic Kotarski

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