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3 Ways to Find Your Sweet Spot

Are you one of those people who just can’t stop searching for that beautiful place in their lives? Are you passionate about creating your perfect life? Do you feel certain that everything you want is somehow within reach?

Great, then please stay with me on this journey while we explore this landscape together. If however, you’re not sure what I’m talking about or you’ve already decided that you can’t reach for the stars anymore. Then please do yourself a favor and get some friendly help. Make a change; try hard not to make excuses. Though for now, you should stop reading because this topic won’t touch you in the positive way it’s intended.

If you’re still with me, then FAAN…TASTIC! Let’s get stuck in. I suppose I should thank my father for introducing me to the concept of the “sweet spot.” He obviously wanted me to be a great baseball player just like him but the idea affected me in a completely different way years later. Nevertheless, I can remember Dad showing me how to swing that bat. He kept stressing to me that I had to find the “sweet spot” on the bat. That beautiful place where the ball meets the bat then it just catapults. Hopefully out of the park but it just feels great, sounds great and looks really cool for your loyal family and friend fans.

According to my dad he was one of the best athletes in the world and who was I to argue? “Me and the sweet spot were one” His words not mine. He used to experience the thrill of blasting that ball out of the park almost every time he got up to bat. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit his batting skills so I never found that special spot. I knew where it was but I just couldn’t seem to get the ball and the bat there at the same time.

My time came but it was more in my career than anything else. I was able to find that successful place in business on more than one occasion. In my own coaching business I had the opportunity to help many of my clients to find their “sweet spots” in work and life.

After many hours of trial and error as well as some emotional and mental home truths I’ve been able to narrow down the top three strategies to move you in the right direction.The “sweet spot” in life and business is when all your activities are in balance. You’re experiencing a kind of ongoing success and joy. Lot’s of synchronous events are happening all at once. Near you, all around you it seems that all your friends and family are experiencing the same. Your bubble of life, your occupied space is completely valorized in a way. You’re living at your peak of existence. You’re covering all your bases in life; work, play relationships, financials, spirituality, health. Everything is moving and flowing in the right direction; the direction of your deepest desires and personal intentions. Put simply, your living in your own sweet spot in life.

I would like to share some of those tried and proven strategies with you now. This way you can get started with them as soon as you finish this article.

Sweet Strategy #1 Go back to living in “Real Time” What I mean by this is to try to live in a kids world mindset for a while. Do everything and react to everything directly in the moment. Don’t wait or hesitate. Remember that great saying, he who hesitates…waits. When you’re practicing life in “Real Time” you do everything as it pops up. When you get home you not only look forward to checking your mail but you deal with it straight away, whatever it is. If it’s a bill you pay it. If it’s a letter requesting your attention you read it or reply to it or make that phone call too if that’s what’s needed to take care of the issue.

The best thing about living in “Real Time’ is that you have so much energy left because you’ve dealt with all the little necessary but energy draining time wasters. There’s nothing left to steal your energy therefore you have reserves for the bigger things in life.

All my clients that start this process found it difficult at first. They didn’t have the mental or physical energy to deal with all the things they had going on in their lives. But once they started to deal with situations in real-time they were able to slow some things down like unnecessary bills and speed other things up like refunds or appointments.

Sweet Strategy #2 the never-ending “To Do” list. I’m aware that this is a really worn our strategy. But it’s amazing to me how many people don’t do it. They really think that they can keep everything in their head. It’s almost completely impossible to do so in our day and age. We simply have too many personal commitments and too many work deadlines to stay mentally fresh and keep our daily to do list on top of our thoughts. The best part about this daily habit/skill is that it really works wonders. A funny thing started happening when I forced my clients to keep doing this simple little thing day in and day out. They started to feel more in control and reported feeling much happier on a daily basis. They were taking care of the little things and ticking them off their list. This simple action allowed them to feel powerful enough to begin tackling the bigger stuff. The same thing will happen to you too. It’s the consistency of this daily activity that helps to build confidence and momentum. This momentum will eventually become unstoppable. Believe me you’ll start to feel the difference in your daily life on the first day you tick off all of your “to do’s.” I challenge you to give it a try for a full day.

It’s also important to make sure your daily “to do” list coincides with your monthly and yearly intentions. But it’s also amazing to me that most of my clients refused to see the importance of writing down yearly intentions or yearly goals. This is the most effective way to keep your life moving forward. Time certainly is moving ahead with its own intentions so should we. Keeping your yearly goals updated and working with your daily “to do” diary will certainly make a huge impact on your life and propel you one step closer to your “Sweet Spot” in life. I mean what’s the point of putting loads of energy in your daily to do’s and you find that they aren’t in alignment with your ultimate life goals? The sweet spot is found in the alignment of the daily to do’s with the longer term personal and career goals.

The last Sweet Strategy #3 that must be implemented on a regular basis along with the other two strategies is relearning how to properly “pay attention.” It’s not easy to pay attention all the time because it’s a bit counterproductive. In fact our brains are almost hard-wired to veer off path and day-dream. Day dreaming is part of a healthy functioning brain. What we need to learn how to do better is to pay attention to those times when we’re not paying attention. If that makes sense? Think back to the last time you had an accident or made a huge blunder. If you’re honest you can probably remember the point of fault. You can probably play back your memory and notice that you had somehow managed to go on auto pilot and that was the exact point when the mistake occurred.

The same thing happens in relationships. We go on auto pilot in our interactions with people. We stop paying attention to what were saying and the responses of others. We do it with partners, best friends, authority figures, and family. We create a way of conversing and relating that is somewhat consistent over time. We get really good at it and then we stop paying attention to the more subtle communication cues. We lose touch so to speak with reality. My clients started unraveling this communication error and gained back their relating power. I urge you to do the same.

These are the top three strategies they used to find their “sweet spot” in their lives and I hope you can use some of these in your life and get closer to finding yours.

Live your truth and find your bliss,

Dominic Kotarski – International Consultant – Author – Coach – Trainer – Speaker

Dominic writes, speaks, inspires, motivates and teaches on the most important aspects of  your business including Sales, Coaching, Team Building, People Management and Business Development.

Dominic Kotarski Author of “The Making” – A Complete Sales Guide and Founder of Sales Success Academy

Dominic Kotarski

Dominic Kotarski is an author, coach, sales trainer and Founder of Sales Success Academy. He's personally inspired, coached, trained and managed thousands of salespeople and business owners in 11 different countries. You can find him in Vancouver, Canada where he lives, works, runs, ski's and spends most of his free time with his family.

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