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On Second Thought

It’s a good thing we can self-correct with second thoughts. Imagine if we had to abide by our first thoughts on all accounts. How many catastrophes would we have created by now? What kind of damage would we have inflicted on our relationships both business and personal?

I don’t have many regrets but the few I do have are a direct result of my impulsive thoughts and actions. As leaders, we know it’s imperative not to second guess our decisions. Leadership “thought leaders” pontificate how all great leaders act decisively and never appear to waver in their decision making. Nonetheless, I can safely say that many of my best decisions were conceived by allowing my second thoughts to peek through.

When we face an immediate challenge our first thoughts spring from our training and conditioning. Our initial reaction stems from our cultural upbringing and role models that have personally influenced us. Our second thoughts, however, are derived from our own personal database of experience and gleaned wisdom. Our ability to tap into our second layer of thinking comes with a bit of practice and patience.

It’s not always wise to completely shut off our lower brain impulses that give us the ability to react quickly and make fight or flight decisions but exercising our mental awareness and building on our acuity to move seamlessly between our old conditioned thoughts and our new well-polished value thinking will ultimately pay higher and ongoing dividends to our future selves.

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Dominic Kotarski

Dominic Kotarski is an author, coach, sales trainer and Founder of Sales Success Academy. He's personally inspired, coached, trained and managed thousands of salespeople and business owners in 11 different countries. You can find him in Vancouver, Canada where he lives, works, runs, ski's and spends most of his free time with his family.

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