Timeless Messages

Time is one thing we all share in common. We've created a modern structure that makes day to day life much easier and business activities more profitable. Imagine what the

It’s all about your Q & A

Countless "thoughtful thinkers" know the importance of asking the right questions. I'm sure you've experienced a few "aha" moments when you've been struggling with a challenge and decided to open

How to get Peace of Mind

It's no easy task to reach a state where you feel happy, content, on top of your game and ready to take on the next challenge. But this state can

Day to Day

Some nice questions to ask yourself when you're looking to transcend from your current day to day situation and move to another realm of day to day possibilities: Who do

Man Up

 A few years ago I was asked by the notorious videographer  Christina Waschko aka "The Motherpreneur" to be interviewed for her youtube channel MotherpreneurTV. My interview was about "How to be a

Fitness Habits

If getting fit and staying fit were so easy then everyone would be doing it. Here's a short video that explains my philosophy on how you need to first start

African Momentum

Most people will believe things once they see or experience them. In contrast, true entrepreneurs know you have to first believe something before you're able to see it. What they

Full Circle

Have you ever heard the expression? "What goes around comes around" In my experience, it's mostly been used to connote some sort of negative comeuppance and told ya so finger-pointing. However, there's also a really

Who’s the Boss?

One of my good buddies and business colleagues in The Netherlands used to constantly ask his team... Wie is de Baas? (Who's the Boss?) To which they used to reply "Ik Ben

Zone Out

How often during a normal workday do you catch yourself zoning out? I've never actually counted but for me, it's quite frequent. I like the feeling that washes over my