Success and Failure

showing a picture of Italy's famous leaning tower of Pisa with a caption saying, "Still Succeeding by not completely failing err...Falling"

Success and failure go hand in hand, they are two opposite sides of the same coin. Winston Churchill stated: “Success is not final and failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts” How often do we put undue pressure on ourselves to “be the best” when we should simply be “doing our best.” There…

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Why do we Whine?

Do you ever catch yourself complaining to anyone that will lend you an ear? Normally, your friends and family take the brunt of this mostly unconscious habit, however, if your work colleagues are also your friends then they might be experiencing a double dose of your vitriolic wrath. We all enjoy a nice winge every once…

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#1 Productivity Hack

a picture showing a woman standing on her head in a a grass field

One of the most difficult challenges for entrepreneurs is overcoming the boredom that comes with building a business. Once all the systems are in place for hyper-growth and the business is in burst mode then many of the daily tasks need to be streamlined, improved, tweaked and managed. Often, this is not what a disruptive entrepreneur signed up…

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Power Through

the caption reads, "power through"

So many things in life and business require a POWER THROUGH! approach. We learned this as young toddlers when we wanted to move around like the giant people that surrounded us. We stopped crawling and learned to stand up, held onto some nearby furniture and scooted along. Before we knew it we began to trust…

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10 Business Development Tips

shows a picture of a computer and an notepad and pen. At the top of the notepad is written in cursive handwriting "Today's Hit List"

If you own your own company, it doesn’t really matter what your title says on your business card or Linked in profile, your main activities will be closely tied to Business Development which is another way of saying sales. Basically, you are your own rainmaker. And nobody will ever care as much as you do about…

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Feelings Rule

In the world of getting things done, Feelings Rule! Feelings are what drives us to do a task or put off a task. Feelings encourage us to bite off more than we can chew or sit tight and wait for the storm to pass. Feelings dominate our decisions to: work with someone listen to what…

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The Dream Test

the picture shows a picture of a telescope that is pointed towards the ocean's horizon as if inviting you to look through the eye peice

As a coach, I often serve clients that are looking to regain some perspective on what they’re doing and dealing with in terms of challenges with their current situation. And as we all know,  what’s current is a culmination of past events and past decisions yet sometimes we forget to stop and take a look…

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Paying Attention

“Nothing bad can happen while you’re paying close attention” DJK Accidents happen more frequently to some than others. It’s a harsh thing to say that some people are bringing it on themselves. They are often in denial that they are the ones causing the problems. They are quick to blame others or their circumstances rather…

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this is a picture of author Dom Kotarski at YVR airport with a Canada Air plane seen through the window of the airport

How do you create significance in your life and your business? What are the things you are most proud of accomplishing? What milestones have you crossed? How many years has your company traded? Do you have friendships and other relationships that have stood the test of time? What do you consider as noteworthy pinnacles worth…

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The Exit Plan

picture of a gravel path and blue sky with scattered clouds

Business Exit Planning – How to prepare for life after the “business runner’s treadmill” Things you could do: • Consulting with your industry • Organizing your finances and running your investments • Mentor younger start-ups • Provide expertise back to your industry in terms of writing, blogging, training and videos • Go back to school:…

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