You Decide

Better Choices When we were little people we didn't have to make too many decisions as most decisions were made for us by our parents, teachers, baby sitters and just about

Subtle Yet Persistent

I'm not overgeneralizing when I say that most people give up way too soon when they're going after what they really want. Unfortunately, this is true not only for their

Words Are Not The Thing

Words can help but they are not enough to guarantee your success in the Business World, or in the game of life. But all I can do on my blog

Thoughts on Investment Strategy

When it comes to maximizing investments, there are no hard and fast rules that you can live by. Warren Buffet's buy and hold strategy was learned under Benjamin Graham's (1894-1976)

Life Decisions

How often do you pay attention to your personal internal decision-making process? Do you consider how a decision will affect you personally or just your businesses bottom line? Do you

On Second Thought

It's a good thing we can self-correct with second thoughts. Imagine if we had to abide by our first thoughts on all accounts. How many catastrophes would we have created

When You’re Ready

Learning patience is an ongoing process.  As a rookie business leader, it often appears as if it's not even an option because we're "too busy" dealing with real-time business challenges.

Forced Creativity

There are certain things you can force yourself to do when you don't feel like it. You can force yourself to go to work, attend meetings, go to conferences, answer

Universal Skills

I've been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to develop a well-rounded universal skillset. As the world continues to turn and as we all feel the pull

High Stakes

“When the "Stakes are High" how do you function? - Do you falter to your default mode? - Do you show all your cards and reveal your true colours? - Do you throw