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16 Early Morning Kick-Off Thoughts

by Dominic Kotarski

What were you thinking and feeling on Friday July 29th, 2011? I just happen to know what was on my heart, mind and soul on this glorious day just over 3 year ago. Here are my thoughts and my hope is that they will somehow serve.

  1. Work yourself out-Be certain about everything-Act sure.
  2. Play each scene out on the planet as if you know the outcome.
  3. Never hesitate.
  4. Have Fun and Enjoy the moment.
  5. Enjoy your short time on this planet – Act as if each moment belongs to you.
  6. Make a difference to yourself and others will determine if you matter for them. You can’t control their thoughts, their mind, their heart or their soul and why would you want to anyway?
  7. You matter to yourself, your family, your friends and all those you come in contact with on a daily basis. Live it, Love it, Smell it, Touch it, Taste it, Breath it, Stand tall, Be it all and Do it!
  8. Transfer your every thought and action into a positive feeling and a feel good scenario.
  9. Keep lean, stay hungry, keep energy positive and flowing, Stay on FIRE!
  10. Enjoy the act of paying attention to all the swirling, fun, positive, negative energies around you.
  11. Notice the moments when you disengage and try to figure out why you’re allowing yourself to lose focus.
  12. Be kind to yourself in such instances and gently bring yourself back to the frey. Enjoy the play and watch what others say. Divert the energy flow if it’s moving in the wrong direction and doesn’t serve your higher purposes.
  13. Keep on top of your fun feeling, protect it and don’t allow others to play with it because it’s yours, it’s mine, not his or hers. (not sure what I meant by that? but this is a verbatim account of my thoughts and writing in my journal, so I’m just staying true to the energy and thoughts of that day)
  14. It’s your fun-feeling day. It’s your sure energy. It will take you where you want to go. It’s your magic carpet so don’t let anyone side swipe it. (I think I really lost it at that point but staying true to the cause. I hope you catch my drift, no pun intended)
  15. You appreciate them and they appreciate you.
  16. Go beyond social norms.

So there you have it, my uncensored, uncut diary for that day 3 years ago. I highly recommend journaling and clearing your mind as often as you can. It will allow you to keep clear and stay clear with your ultimate life’s calling and mission.

Feel Free to post some of your daily thoughts and rants if you like. There’s always a few gems in every thought/energy release. It helps clear the the way for new ideas, more powerful, and surely more true to your life’s goals, thoughts, dreams and ambitions.

Now let’s have a Rockin great week, what do you say?

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Dominic Kotarski

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