Finding Your Purpose

a graphic showing a unlocked padlock, body figure, sail boat and a ship's helm

Many of us can spend our whole lives searching for our true life’s purpose. In fact, I think it’s a common pursuit of a huge majority of the population.

I stumbled upon a nice TEDx talk by Adam Leipzig where he promises his audience to help them find their purpose in five minutes.

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How Much Is Enough?

a siluette of a man looking out over a serene body of water holding a camera in his right hand

The questions kind of caught me off guard, “No, Really! How much is enough?” He persisted. “What would it take for you to call it quits, 1 million, 5 million, 10 million plus, or are you a… never enough kinda operator?” I have to admit I hadn’t really thought about the number. I was young, ambitious and…

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Retirement Ready?

a black on white billboard that say's "your invited to an early retirement as a Project Entrepreneur"

The whole idea of retirement never really appealed to me. I can’t imagine spending my days out on the golf course. I like traveling but not all the time. I like going to dinner parties but not every night. I don’t dream of having more time so I can write that book I always wanted to write.…

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You Are Your Own Study

a picure showing Dominc looking through a magnifying glass

How do you respond to external pressure? Do you like deadlines? Do you trust yourself enough to quit your job and become your own boss? Are you able to exercise consistently without an exercise buddy to keep you on track? How about your ability to save money? In my view, a big part of our life’s journey…

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2018 Customer Service… Yeah Right!

Is your customer service department delighting your customers? I hope so and I hope you’re not forging ahead with bot technology until it’s perfected by “other companies” that have lost their loyal customer bases trying to utilize and perfect their platforms. Good communication is a tricky and nuanced thing even for professional communicators. Frontline customer service…

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The Importance of Sales Attitude and How to Build Your Business

What’s a sales attitude? Why should you learn how to get it, use it, develop it and polish it off when necessary? There are not too many businesses that can get off the ground, stay off the ground and thrive in any market without the use of proper sales channels. If you’re running your own business and…

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7 Generations Outlook

When you are making your decisions for your family and your business do you have the vision, wisdom, fortitude, and insight to both look back 7 generations and forward seven? If not then maybe you should take a page out of our worlds indigenous ancestor’s playbook. Ancient Iroquois philosophy reasoned that the decisions you make today should be…

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Success and Failure

showing a picture of Italy's famous leaning tower of Pisa with a caption saying, "Still Succeeding by not completely failing err...Falling"

Success and failure go hand in hand, they are two opposite sides of the same coin. Winston Churchill stated: “Success is not final and failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts” How often do we put undue pressure on ourselves to “be the best” when we should simply be “doing our best.” There…

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Why do we Whine?

Do you ever catch yourself complaining to anyone that will lend you an ear? Normally, your friends and family take the brunt of this mostly unconscious habit, however, if your work colleagues are also your friends then they might be experiencing a double dose of your vitriolic wrath. We all enjoy a nice winge every once…

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#1 Productivity Hack

a picture showing a woman standing on her head in a a grass field

One of the most difficult challenges for entrepreneurs is overcoming the boredom that comes with building a business. Once all the systems are in place for hyper-growth and the business is in burst mode then many of the daily tasks need to be streamlined, improved, tweaked and managed. Often, this is not what a disruptive entrepreneur signed up…

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