Have to -vs- Get to

How do you approach your daily tasks with a… “Have to” or a “Get to” Attitude? So often people approach their work with the wrong perspective. Sometimes the best way to get excited about opportunities in front of us is to change our internal dialogue. Do we “have to” make that next call or do…

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Finding Your Purpose

a graphic showing a unlocked padlock, body figure, sail boat and a ship's helm

Many of us can spend our whole lives searching for our true life’s purpose. In fact, I think it’s a common pursuit of a huge majority of the population.

I stumbled upon a nice TEDx talk by Adam Leipzig where he promises his audience to help them find their purpose in five minutes.

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Retirement Ready?

a black on white billboard that say's "your invited to an early retirement as a Project Entrepreneur"

The whole idea of retirement never really appealed to me. I can’t imagine spending my days out on the golf course. I like traveling but not all the time. I like going to dinner parties but not every night. I don’t dream of having more time so I can write that book I always wanted to write.…

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Enlightened Management Course Times have changed and the world of work has too. This course on Enlightened Management will help you to understand how to be not only an effective manager but and enlightened one.A manager that knows not just how to connect with their people on all levels but also understands how to create meaningful lifelong…

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Things to Think About

I just read that the average Canadian is just $200 per month off not being able to pay their monthly bills. This is a really scary thought if a percentage of these Canadians don’t have ample savings to fall back on if they suffered a job loss. I wonder how the average Canadian company would…

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The Finer Things in Life

It’s pretty important for you to make your own list of what you consider to be “The Finer Things in Life” and then passionately go about setting your goals to make your list a reality. When my “official” working life started my initial list was all about having the flexibility to create my own income. The…

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Get Excited about the little things, otherwise the BIG THINGS will never happen! A powerful question I asked myself around 20 years ago was this: What’s the thing I will remember most when I lay on my death bed? Will I remember all the work I did? Or… will I remember more the people I…

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Do More of What Works

Without stating the obvious let’s talk frankly about what works and what doesn’t when faced with a difficult challenge in your business or at your company, or better yet let’s do a quick What Doesn’t Work -vs – What does list… What Doesn’t Work    What Does So often we outgrow jobs and think we…

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The Power of “YES”

by Dominic Kotarski When you’re just starting out in business or starting a new business one of the most important things you can do is to set your mind towards “YES”. Either “YES!” I’m confident that our team can do this, or  “Yes, I know the perfect person  that specializes in that area, would it be helpful if…

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Inquisitive? Why?

What do you need to know to grow? What kinds of questions should I ask? If I could ask someone who could help me with all my current problems/challenges and issues who could give me honest, straight advice with no strings attached what would it be? If I could get the right advice that works…

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