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I write about the incredible journey of being an entrepreneur. My articles range from discussing the practical skills of managing and coaching people to the more esoteric needs of maintaining motivation and inspiration along the way. My intentions are to initiate ideas, share hard earned wisdom and urge positive action through my …

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Dominic has been Coaching Sales Teams and individuals since he began his career as an entrepreneur nearly 30 years ago. He’s influenced thousands of individuals through his coaching methods and has been instrumental in helping large Corporations to implement a progressive coaching and training culture throughout their organizations.

Dominic’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners fix issues and challenges in their companies. He will increase profitability and growth, as well as, focus on the personal freedoms and life balance that is a desired outcome from running a business.

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Since I was 16 years old I’ve been building businesses. At first, I was the only person doing the sales, later I discovered how fast I could grow my businesses by training others to be as good or better than myself. My training and coaching initiatives are specifically designed to increase the motivation, confidence and skill level of your team. There’s never a better time than the present to reach out and discuss your coaching or training needs.

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