Zone Out

a picture of author Dominic Kotarski daydreaming with a thought caption that say's ... by the beach!

How often during a normal workday do you catch yourself zoning out? I’ve never actually counted but for me, it’s quite frequent. I like the feeling that washes over my mind when I’m zoning out. In many cases, it’s a luxury to be able to allow your mind waves to shift into a disengaged state.…

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a picture of a rhino bathing in a mud hole with the tagline, never say no to opportunities including mud holes

When you’re offered an opportunity to do something you’ve never done, what is your normal reaction? Do you embrace the new opportunity and say “Yes!”?  Do you become reticent and say let me look at my schedule or do you utter, “let me think about it?” Maybe you respond flat out “NO!” I’m too busy…

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Regaining Livelihood

a picture of a girl flapping bird feathers while she's running through the desert - with a caption of a list of things to embrace while she's on her new journey

What do you do when your industry is declining? What do you do when you’re losing interest in your job or maybe even your career? When you’ve been so completely attached to something for not only your monthly pay-check but also your identity? All is not lost and a bright new direction is always just…

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Conventional wisdom states the twin forces of human behavior are pain and pleasure. Most of us seek pleasure and avoid pain. There are of course your outliers who might avoid pleasure and run towards pain. However, in this case, it can easily be said that for these people pain is their pleasure so the statement…

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Evergreen Fallacy

picture of Dom Kotarski pointing at his pepper plant with his sunflower in the backgound with a caption that says "Evergreen is for those that everwork and evercare!

Have you fallen for the idea that you can create an “Evergreen” business? One that once set up, will continue to print money for you without your personal input. This is the promise of emerging new smart technology with software, bots, and algorithms that will do all your rote grunt work and simple thinking for…

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Finding Your Purpose

a graphic showing a unlocked padlock, body figure, sail boat and a ship's helm

Many of us can spend our whole lives searching for our true life’s purpose. In fact, I think it’s a common pursuit of a huge majority of the population.

I stumbled upon a nice TEDx talk by Adam Leipzig where he promises his audience to help them find their purpose in five minutes.

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How Much Is Enough?

a siluette of a man looking out over a serene body of water holding a camera in his right hand

The questions kind of caught me off guard, “No, Really! How much is enough?” He persisted. “What would it take for you to call it quits, 1 million, 5 million, 10 million plus, or are you a… never enough kinda operator?” I have to admit I hadn’t really thought about the number. I was young, ambitious and…

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Retirement Ready?

a black on white billboard that say's "your invited to an early retirement as a Project Entrepreneur"

The whole idea of retirement never really appealed to me. I can’t imagine spending my days out on the golf course. I like traveling but not all the time. I like going to dinner parties but not every night. I don’t dream of having more time so I can write that book I always wanted to write.…

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You Are Your Own Study

a picure showing Dominc looking through a magnifying glass

How do you respond to external pressure? Do you like deadlines? Do you trust yourself enough to quit your job and become your own boss? Are you able to exercise consistently without an exercise buddy to keep you on track? How about your ability to save money? In my view, a big part of our life’s journey…

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2018 Customer Service… Yeah Right!

Is your customer service department delighting your customers? I hope so and I hope you’re not forging ahead with bot technology until it’s perfected by “other companies” that have lost their loyal customer bases trying to utilize and perfect their platforms. Good communication is a tricky and nuanced thing even for professional communicators. Frontline customer service…

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