Never having to say… “I wish I had”

never say I wish I had

What if your employer hired you on an agreed salary and then when it came to pay day they only paid you half of the agreed sum. What would you do? How would you react? Like most people you would go and fight for your money and then quit your employer the very next day.…

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How to Read People

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The Ultimate Sales Model

This “Ultimate Sales Model” can be used both personally and organizationally. It’s a training and coaching guideline which shows the intricate parts necessary to achieve Sales Mastery. The great thing about this model is it shows the percentage of time you should commit to your training, coaching and development. In addition it points out the…

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Ideas to Increase your Energy

Energetic Person

“Energy Cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another” Albert Einstein This is not new information, most of us learned the The Law of Conservation of Energy  in our high school physics class. Well, at least theoretically we should have learned it. I didn’t think about the practical…

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3 Reasons why people fail

Canadian Rocky Mountains

1: Because they quit.  “80% of success is showing up” Woody Allen How often people fail simply because they don’t show up for their commitments, this is true across the board for everyone. I’m sure Woody said this on the set one day when some of his actors didn’t show up. But this also speaks…

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10 Qualities of a True Entrepreneur

Attitude is Everything

On your entrepreneurial journey it’s imperative that you endeavour to match the qualities that all great entrepreneurs develop on their way to success. My observations over the years working with 1000’s of entrepreneurs and business owners has allowed me to conclude the following: A true entrepreneur Loves life, challenges and creating something from nothing. Doesn’t…

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How to run a marathon a week

How do you compete? Do you do business like it’s a sprint or do you treat it like a marathon? When I went for a run this morning I was thinking about  amazing people like Matt Hill and Steff Tait who decided to run a marathon a day to inspire environmental action. What an amazing accomplishment this…

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Watch out for Bears when contemplating your 2014 Goals

Bears in the Wild

It’s time reflect on your year and begin your commitment list for 2014. December is a great time to be with family, as well as, your thoughts. If you can, I encourage you to get out into nature this time of year but be sure to watch out for Bears. They’ve just recently been spotted…

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Brand YOU – What you’re really here for…

I just recently attended a phenomenal seminar in California called Experts Academy. It was hosted by Brendon Burchard , author and founder of The Academy. One of the branding exercises during the weekend was to write down our secondary messages that we would like to share with the world. Our primary message is more obvious and…

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to sell or not to sell

That is the question, or let’s just say that is the million dollar question. My answer would be to go ahead and bite the bullet and learn to Love Selling! Why? Here’s 9 Compelling Reasons 1) You’ll be more successful. 2) 1/3 of the worlds self made millionaires are professional salespeople. 3) It’s fun because…

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