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Renewing Your Connections

How often do we forget to keep up with our new and old connections? We tend to keep our current relationships both personally and professionally but most of us are not very good at maintaining our relationships over the long haul.

Here’s a quick refresher video on How and Why to keep connected to all those great peeps that have played a big part in our lives and careers.


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Hey everybody! Good to see you!

In this session, I want to talk a little bit about connecting with the people that you connect with on a daily basis. Because I think it’s important to keep in touch with colleagues all throughout your career, and I think all too often this is what happens is if you’re in a role or if you’re in a city or if you’re with a company? What we tend to do is is connect with the people in that particular company? And then if you move on or you take a new project, what happens is you lose touch with those people. There are so many ways to stay connected with people. One of the ways is just to give them a call pick up the phone.

How often do we… Text or email or just wait for somebody to call us? It’s important to reach out give somebody a call find out how their life’s going, what’s going on with them personally? And then maybe get stuck into business a little bit and say… Is there anything I can help you out with or any connections I can make for you? What kind of things are you running into with your company right now? And I think all too often. We just let relationships kind of die out.

I know we do it with our friends as we get older because we move away from from where we’ve lived but I think it’s important that we continue to develop those relationships, keep those relationships that you originally had on the forefront and continue to develop those relationships over time.

What would be an interesting little thing to do? I think would be the able to sit down write down all the people that you remember from your past that had an impact on your life. People that were either your friends or people that you had a genuine connection with growing up and then write down. Those that you had connected with professionally if you think… I wonder what they’re up to?

Find them on LinkedIn, find them on Facebook, Google them and find out where they’re at and just reach out to them give them a call. Ask how they’re doing and how their life is going? You never know where that’s going to lead.

All we have is connection and everything that gets created in this world, whether it be in your career or whether it be in your business or even on a personal basis. You might discover… hey, there’s a great place to go on a holiday or a great place to take my family or maybe an interesting neighbourhood or place to live one day. Wow, I might want a holiday house there where other people have traveled. You just really don’t know until you get out there and connect so I think the important thing for this week is…

Make a conscious effort to reach out to at least one or two people that you haven’t spoken with in ages. Give them a call, send them an email, find them on Facebook and connect with them and have a genuine conversation. And ask them how they’re doing and how their family is and what’s going on. So that’s the message for this week.

Let’s stay connected! Let’s keep things rocking and rolling and let’s make our life more enriched and allow our businesses to flourish even more.


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