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In a recent conversation with one of my good friends and business colleagues, he said “Man you really define what it’s like to be a ‘Lifestyle Entrepreneur.’ 

Up until this time, I hadn’t quite been able to define what I do for a living. I immediately went on a search for more information to try to find out how many more people out there defined themselves in this way.

First stop was a proper definition: A “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” is an individual that creates a business with the purpose of altering their personal lifestyle and not for the sole purpose of making profits. A lifestyle entrepreneur focuses more on the life rewards provided to people that enjoy and have a passion for what they are doing. There is a possibility that the business will do particularity well since the individual has a passion for what he/she is doing. (From Business I simply love this definition.

Then I went in search of books and blogs and found both from Jesse Kreiger whose built his life and business around this concept; very inspirational stuff indeed.

Here are a few of my own personal contributive thoughts around this wonderful way of living:

  • No Mon-Fri 9am-5 pm job which usually ends up turning into a 7am-9pm plus a few working weekends aka (life Prison)
  • Time for some serious contemplation
  • Time for walks in the forest
  • Time to kayak when it’s sunny out
  • Time to go to the pub on a Friday afternoon and not return to work or a Tuesday afternoon for that matter
  • Time to develop new ideas
  • Time to call service providers to get better deals and keep an eye on personal finance
  • Time to do personal administration
  • Time to see all your children’s plays, performances, sporting events and teacher’s assessments
  • Time to work on your investments
  • Time to exercise
  • Time to read and study/follow your personal interests
  • Time to learn a new skill
  • Time to write a blog or a book
  • Time to travel for pleasure and new business opportunities
  • Time to develop new projects and run tests for marketability
  • Time for a long lunch or coffee break
  • Time to keep abreast of local and world events
  • Time to talk to your neighbor

If you work for someone else your time is not your time but their time and they have a right to direct your attention and energy towards developing their assets, not your own.

It’s definitely a life and career worth considering.

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