Have you fallen for the idea that you can create an “Evergreen” business? One that once set up, will continue to print money for you without your personal input.

This is the promise of emerging new smart technology with software, bots, and algorithms that will do all your rote grunt work and simple thinking for you. Of course, it won’t be able to strategize or even offer your customers any “real support” if they have an issue or question that is not listed on your Q & A’s. In fact, how often have you had a query that just couldn’t be answered through a quick search on a company’s website?

How much time have you wasted trying to search for answers when it would be much quicker and easier just to get someone on the phone? And of course, how often have you been frustrated by a company’s automated answering system? 

All of these reasons and the glaring fact that very few businesses or gardens for that matter will continue to grow without constant attention and some good ol’ TLC.

Businesses that grow, thrive and continue to reap profits are those that are cared for and loved by smart, well-intentioned human beings that work on their businesses day in and day out to make them better and better each day, each week, each quarter, and each year.

Watching the subtle changes in customer’s moods, usage and purchasing habits. Watching what their competitors are doing, and what’s happening in the marketplace outside their company’s walls. And most importantly, keeping their people, their customers and clients excited and motivated about what’s working (current success stories) as well as, keeping them abreast of all the great products and services that they’re diligently working on that are due to be released in the not so distant future.

Evergreen is a constant state of engaging with your company both inside and out. Evergreen is possible only if you keep working persistently both in and on your business keeping it strong, nimble and pointed in the right direction.

Dominic Kotarski

 is the author of international best-seller “The Making”. He writes, speaks, inspires, motivates and teaches the most important aspects of your business including Sales, Coaching, Team-Building, People Management and Business Development. Get weekly access to his blog & training videos FREE by subscribing HERE! and when you sign up you will get Instant Access to his Sales Skills Training Video.


Dominic Kotarski
Dominic Kotarski

Dominic Kotarski is an author, coach, sales trainer and Founder of Sales Success Academy. He's personally inspired, coached, trained and managed thousands of salespeople and business owners in 11 different countries. You can find him in Vancouver, Canada where he lives, works, runs, ski's and spends most of his free time with his family.

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