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Becoming Great

What does it take to become great at something? Just because you do something all the time doesn’t necessarily mean you are improving.

There’s a great story about a semi pro golf player* out practicing his puts when a master coach multi-millionaire happens upon him.

“It doesn’t look like you’ll ever become a pro,” the coach say’s discreetly while observing the semi pro practicing some puts.

“What are you talking about,” replied the semi pro as he just misses a fifteen foot put.

“Here let me show you…on second thought let’s make it a little more interesting.” He grins as he bends down to line up the ball only 3 feet from the whole.

“I’ll give you $100,000 dollars if you can sink it from there,” he politely wagers.


The semi-pro confidently says, “sure thing but you can’t be serious. It’s too easy. I don’t want to take your money.” He flashes a quick grin to the millionaire.

It’s at this instant that he realizes the man is serious. He leans in and gests. “I’m serious I’ll bet you can’t hit that two foot put. But if you do there’s $100,000 Grand Prize money waiting on you. This is my form of philanthropy. Helping out the up and comings… Well, if you hit it of course.

As the semi pro approaches the shot he immediately notices how far away the hole seems. His thoughts are swirling.

Wow! I could pay off a lot of my debts with that. This amount of money is a drop in a bucket to this multi-millionaire but for me… Man! this could change my life. I can finally be free of all my debts and really start to get ahead in life. Take things a bit more seriously.

The hole seems so far away, I’ve done this so many times this is easy. Why am I stressing so much about this. Breath but hurry up because people are watching, I can feel them watching me. C’mon this is ridiculous just put it in.

One two three aaaannnd…oh sh** , no can’t be. How did I miss…

“See, I told you you weren’t practicing properly. How do you think the pro’s got where they are? They know how to practice. Every put, every drive, every chip is approached as if their career and prize money depended on it.”

Now you know how the success secrets of those that have prevailed.

And so it goes with our lives and our careers. Treat each day and each interaction, each team meeting, each presentation as if your life and business career depended upon it.

Then your life and your business and your success will be INTENTIONAL!

Thus the old adage there are those that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Be one of those.

* This story is my interpretation and faded memory of a book I read many years ago called “The Golfer and the Millionaire” by Mark Fisher

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