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Be The Wolf on Your Street

To Judge or not to Judge, that is the question? Can idiots sometimes have moments of clarity and dish out solid advice? Can young children see through the facade of grown ups and pierce the veil of authority? Can ambitious people go overboard, get too greedy, start cheating and displaying unethical behaviour?

Sure they can and countless people still do and still will. Some get caught and pay their penalties, others will have an “aha” moment of clarity and change their ways, while many will continue on and meet their maker and still some will take their terrible acts to the grave.

Jordan Belfort aka “The Wolf of Wall Street” is one such character who went too far too fast and paid the price. He’s been made famous by the Hollywood machine Martin Scorsese (Director) and Leonardo De Caprio (starring Actor) in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.”(2013)

I’m sure most of you have seen it. If not, it’s a great movie akin to “The Boiler Room” (2000).

I just recently stumbled on an interview with Jordan Belfort where he talks about how he teaches his success system so people can use it “ethically” to succeed in their businesses. His goal is to increase their sales and facilitate the flow of money into their lives.

This is something Jordan has done successfully for most of his life, except for the couple of years he spent in jail for his dirty deeds.

As I listened to his interview, I decided not to judge the man but just listen to what he had to say about success. I have to say that as I listened to his passionate words, focused clarity about successful pitching and honesty about his past life and current situation; I was moved.

I really appreciated his candour and how he’s made the decision to impact people’s lives in a positive way. He’s understood the powerful multiplier of doing good and giving back unselfishly while keeping one’s amazing salesmanship ability in the forefront. He’s teaching people how to get more out of their lives so they can spread more wealth and happiness to their immediate worlds.

One quote I particularly liked was when he said, “There’s no amount of poverty you can have in your life that can make someone else wealthy.”

He said this in reference to people telling him that making money was bad or evil.

The same goes for misery and making someone else happy or sickness in making someone healthier. And my personal favorite Jordan quote goes to those that make it a habit of being negative.

“There’s no amount of negativity that can ever bring about positivity in someone’s life.”

So why be negative, argue for your limitations, talk about lack when no amount of doing so can ever improve your situation?

I’ve decided to write about Jordan’s 4 Pillars of Success Habits he highly recommends in his trainings.

  1.  You must have a Compelling Vision of the Future – This includes goals but is not only about goals. It’s about seeing your bright future very clearly. It’s about firstly seeing things as they are but not worse than they are. Secondly, you must SEE & VISUALIZE things better than they are now. And thirdly, you must act on your vision and… YOU MUST MAKE YOUR VISION A REALITY!
  2. You must be able to manage your “State in the Moment” – This is both your emotional and physiological state. This allows you to access whatever emotions and mental powers your need in the moment. If you’re a parent you would need to access patience when dealing with your child. As a business leader you need to be able to access Conviction of your ideas, Clarity in your purpose and Courage to take Action!
  3. You must be able to “Take Control” of your Limiting Beliefs – A limiting belief is akin to having a governor on the engine of a Ferrari. You can be driving around with a 500 horsepower engine but if you limit the amount of petrol and air through your intake then you will limit your power accordingly. Limiting belief’s stop you from moving forward when you should be stepping up and taking CHARGE of your situation.
  4. You must have a “Strategy for Success” – Put the pieces in place that you need to take you and your business to the next level. Plan on building your business to 10x the size it is now. Then start planning on being 100x, 1000x then 10,000x bigger. You can grow as big as you can imagine. When you’ve created the structure for massive success then you have broken the barriers to success and as the money rolls in the FREEDOM rolls out!


Lastly, it’s imperative that you set high standards for you and your team. Do not allow yourself or your team to settle for mediocrity. Raise your standards and raise your LIFE!

I’ve added a few thoughts of my own and I hope the combination of my interpretation of Jordan’s words and his thoughts have inspired you to run a KICK ARSE meeting for you and your team, however BIG, however small; SUCCESS starts in your mind and reverberates throughout the Universe attracting people, money, ideas and MASSIVE MOMENTUM!

So remember to Be Bold! Be Brave! Be Strong! and Go For It Today![feature_box style=”1″ only_advanced=”There are no title options for the choosen style” alignment=”center”]
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