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3 Ingredients to Make A Successful Event

Featured Photo by Justin Ruschienski of JR Media

I have to say I’ve been slowly lulled into an amazing group of people. I also must admit I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to be the camera man for my lovely and amazing wife Christina aka The Motherpreneur for her you tube series at MotherpreneurTV.

She said we are going to a YVR Foodie Event and I will get to meet some amazing people.  There will be food, entertainment and some amazing Guest Speakers.

“How did you find out about this?” I asked.

“Oh, from “The Daddy Blogger,” she enthusiastically says,” he’s one of the best connected and well followed bloggers in Vancouver.”

“Who is this Daddy Blogger? and what does he blog about, being a Daddy?”, I was intrigued.

“His name is Ricky Shetty and he’s even written a book called Wisdom From Daddies,” she added,  ” I’m sure you two will hit it off as you have so much in common.”

So with this intriguing introduction and my own motivation to get behind the camera we were off to Seventeen 89 Restaurant in Vancouver to enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon Foodie Event.

Have a quick look at these pictures to get a glimpse of the Event.


And now for the 3 major ingredients to create/make a successful event:

1) Offer Scrumptious Food at a cool venue like Seventeen 89 Restuarant and be sure it’s created by a World Renowned but down to earth chef like  Daryl Rio Negata,  (never underestimate the pulling power of  Good Eats)

2) Entertain with great artists like Rajdeep Sekhon and Joseph Jace Caruna, as well as, special guest speakers like Dr. Dionne Laslo- Baker Founder of Dee Bee Organics and creator of Tea Pops(well actually her young son’s) and the beautiful Lavanya Hiremath who is extremely intelligent, beautiful and caring.

3) Invite interesting and eclectic guests that include media, photographers like Justin Ruschienski of JR Media, videographers like The Motherpreneur and most important those food loving YVR Foodies.

So there you have it, the easy formula for creating a successful event that leaves everyone talking about it and hanging in anticipation of the NEXT BIG EVENT!!

A huge thanks to Ricky Shetty for setting the example and being the spark plug to put together such an amazing Event.

Live on, keep connecting, keep sharing and your business will grow.

Dominic Kotarski- Author of  “The Making” and Founder of Sales Success Academy

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Dominic Kotarski

Dominic Kotarski is an author, coach, sales trainer and Founder of Sales Success Academy. He's personally inspired, coached, trained and managed thousands of salespeople and business owners in 11 different countries. You can find him in Vancouver, Canada where he lives, works, runs, ski's and spends most of his free time with his family.

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