The Exit Plan

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Business Exit Planning – How to prepare for life after the “business runner’s treadmill”

Things you could do:

• Consulting with your industry

• Organizing your finances and running your investments

• Mentor younger start-ups

• Provide expertise back to your industry in terms of writing, blogging, training and videos

• Go back to school: learn a new skill

• Take your hobbies more serious and make it pay if possible

• Support your partner in their careers or professions

• Get more involved in your local community

• Start a club

• Do research on things that you’ve always been interested in

• Catch up on everything outstanding, including those things you always thought you wanted to do but just didn’t have the time.

• If people have ever said, “Great story, you should write a book” then maybe you should. that way the next time someone says it, you can respond, “Thanks but I already have!”

Lastly and most importantly, learn to relax and enjoy each moment of each day. All we have are these moments. Enjoy your FREE TIME, and allow yourself to experience that wonderful downtime energy of “borderline boredom” (Those time when you don’t actually have any pressing priorities to deal with and your “outstanding to do’s aren’t really urgent. And you just think to yourself, hmmm, what’s next?) Start to piddle around your house, take a bike ride, go for a walk, do some doodling, make something, take something apart, or the best thing of all….

Call a friend and say Whaaaattttt’sss Uuuuuuppp????

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