Restoke Your Fire

It doesn’t take much to get in a rut. Our daily habits are what keeps us grounded and feeling connected to our business, family, colleagues, and friends. This is not where the problem lies. Our problem lies in our fear of the unknown. We try like crazy to keep things within a certain degree of controlled context which makes sense to us based on our experiences.

We think we’re being edgy or breaking out of our day to day comfort zones when we take on new challenges and make decisions to do different, new, and exciting things. But what we sometimes forget to account for is the fact that we’re the ones making the call to create these new experiences. And these new experiences are us exerting our control over the influx of these experiences.

What I’m referring to is raw, unusual, out of the ordinary events that challenge us to act and act now. We don’t have time to think, we don’t have time to analyze, we don’t have time to say to ourselves, “Oh wow, now I feel alive!” Simply because these types of events happen so quickly and put us directly in the moment. They demand everything we’ve got intellectually, physically and spiritually.

This is the stuff that makes a hero out of ordinary people. This is the stuff that we will never forget and stays with us for the rest of our lives. These type of events imprint their energy on us and will alter our behavior for better or worse for the remainder of our days.

Some of us maybe have not had events like this happen to us… yet. But suffice it to say that it’s improbable to live an entire life without at least one or in some cases a multitude of these type of character-forming events that will occur.

There is no way to prepare because we don’t ever know what will happen or how it will happen but we might know why it happened, usually after the fact.

What we can do is live a life full of passion, fun, love and day to day, moment by moment awareness and full attention. What we can do is be kind to ourselves and our fellow travelers and take the time to listen, explore, question and follow our curious interests. Be sure to share our time, our attention and our intelligence with each person, place, thing or critter we meet.

Rekindle Your Wonderment!

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