Storm Group is the largest Direct Sales and Marketing company in Scandinavia. Dom Kotarski was interviewed in Copenhagen when he was delivering a Management Mastermind Group Workshop to senior Management.

This interview is a nice piece for a deeper understanding of the direct sales industry both from a sales professional’s perspective and a potential client’s perspective in the sense of better understanding the power of having a Direct Sales partner.

Interview: Dominic Kotarski

self-discoverysWe all need guidance in our businesses no matter what type of business we’re in. There is a new way of doing business and it’s paramount to create space for personal inspiration in order to invite collaboration. We no longer just sell a product but listen and hear what people want and make it fit their needs. Today’s show is all about sales with business tips and knowledge from our guest who’s a successful author, master coach, and entrepreneur. Here’s Sara Troy’s interview with Dominic Kotarski on building your business with the right intention.

The art of making a sale by Dominic Kotarski.

Selling is an art form and the skill of selling is forever changing in today’s market, are your skills ready to sell in today’s climate and guide your team to success? 


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