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A few years ago I was asked by the notorious videographer  Christina Waschko aka “The Motherpreneur” to be interviewed for her youtube channel MotherpreneurTV. My interview was about “How to be a Great Husband” and while I’m not so sure that “Great” would be the word I would choose to describe my husbandry abilities, I still wanted to share some of the relationship experiences I’ve gained over the years.

I hope you enjoy the interview and I would like to encourage any engagement, insights, issues or challenges you might like to share in the comments section below this post.

Unfortunately, there are no cut and dry one size fits all husband and wife templates. But this video explains how two unique entrepreneurs with young children were able to make it through a very demanding, time crunching and crazy phase of life – raising 3 young children and running two distinct businesses which were both not based at home.

I hope you enjoy this interview and please engage if you feel so inclined. In case you’d rather watch directly on youtube CLICK HERE

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