Have to -vs- Get to

How do you approach your daily tasks with a…

“Have to” or a “Get to” Attitude?

So often people approach their work with the wrong perspective. Sometimes the best way to get excited about opportunities in front of us is to change our internal dialogue.

Do we “have to” make that next call or do we “get to” make that next call?

If a gun was held to our head and we were forced into doing something that’s one thing but if we’re making our own decisions and have our own free will then we should embrace our current situation and in each moment decide that…

We are the ones responsible for our own growth, our own work rate and our own attitude.

When you look at each decision with this awareness then our emotional energy and the potential outcome of our business encounters will be vastly different.

It’s the quality of our communications not the quantity that counts. When we have the right perspective in our minds and view each new encounter as a chance to create good (business) will then our approach often changes and our sincerity shines through.

2 great thoughts to start your day are…

  1. How can I help …(my company, my colleagues, my customers, my clients) get what they want?
  2. I’m so lucky that I’m in a position where I “get to” … meet new people, connect with clients, help customers or assist colleagues in solving business challenges.

If there weren’t problems, issues or challenges then the chances are pretty high there’d be no opportunities in the market place and then there’d be no money and of course no jobs.

So don’t you just love problems? And isn’t life great because you “GET TO” go out today and meet some awesome people to help them improve their lives 🙂

Dominic Kotarski - International Consultant | Author | Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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