Habits not to Kick

There are so many unconscious thoughts and feelings running through our daily lives. Some are good, helpful and resonate your true essence & good will,  while others… well they can be pretty awful, limiting and possibly debilitating.

Cognitive therapists have their work cut out for them trying to devise ways for us to maintain a healthy mind and stay positively productive in order to have a successful life.

I thought I would share a very simple yet effective method that my good friend and co-facilitator Jono Willcocks of Pinnacle Pursuits often uses to great effect while conducting corporate workshops.

This exercise can have a  significant impact on a group and positively affect their dynamic’s. It helps the group to appreciate the work that’s been accomplished in the workshop as well as the work that now needs to be done. It also creates a shared accountability towards moving a project or group forward.

I too, use a form of this simple method to set my personal agenda for each day or just as I’m winding down my evening preparing for dreamland.

3 simple questions

  • I’m most grateful for…

  • I’m hopeful for…

  • I’m committed to…

Run through these questions daily and watch how subtly you take control of your not so positive unconscious thoughts.

Kick the Habit!


Dominic Kotarski – International Consultant | Author | Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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