Force of Habit

Are your habits helping or hurting:

  • You?
  • Your Team?
  • Your Spouse?
  • Your Family?
  • Your Community?

Behavioural psychologists have observed that 85% of what we do, how we think and how we relate to others are based on habit.

I challenge you to look at all the habitual things you say and do. As well, how you react in relation to others including; partners, parents, children, neighbors, friends, colleagues, teachers and authorty figures.

I’m convinced that through subtle attention and observation transformation can take place.

It’s difficult to pay attention to everything you say or do. And when I first attemtped to pay attention to my thoughts and actions for the full day I have to admit that I was worn out before breakfast. Then it dawned on me.

“If I just pay attention to those moments when I’m not paying attention then I don’t have to waste all my energy paying attention all the time”

Genius right? Pay attention when I’m not paying attention and nothing will happen that I don’t want to happen. More control and less thoughts about, “Oh, I wish I’d said (This or That) after an encounter of the human kind”

That’s it, I encourage you to have the wisdom to know the truth in the lie and the lie in the truth. This minefiled can only be navigated with your full attention.

Use the Force of Habit to your advantage by paying attention when you’re not paying attention.

No accidents only Awareness!!

Dominc Kotarski – Author of The Making and Founder of Sales Success Academy

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