this is a picture of author Dom Kotarski at YVR airport with a Canada Air plane seen through the window of the airport

How do you create significance in your life and your business? What are the things you are most proud of accomplishing? What milestones have you crossed? How many years has your company traded? Do you have friendships and other relationships that have stood the test of time? What do you consider as noteworthy pinnacles worth…

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The Exit Plan

picture of a gravel path and blue sky with scattered clouds

Business Exit Planning – How to prepare for life after the “business runner’s treadmill” Things you could do: • Consulting with your industry • Organizing your finances and running your investments • Mentor younger start-ups • Provide expertise back to your industry in terms of writing, blogging, training and videos • Go back to school:…

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this is a picture showing the VAST approach system. There is a illustration of binoculars to show vision, a stick figure with 100% to show attitude, two puzzle pieces to show strategy and a board of x's and o's to show a football play for tactics

You gotta go VAST unless you wanna go home! Here’s why… In the world of running a team of business development and/or salespeople who are instrumental in bringing in new business to your enterprise, it’s imperative that you have an evergreen mentality and way of keeping them on track. I’ve developed the VAST-approach℠ in order to…

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Idle Time

What do you do with your idle time? Do you make space in your life to ponder? If you have children, do you allow them the time to get bored and then come up with something to do on their own? I’m a huge advocate of giving one’s mind time to rest and become idle.…

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In Praise of Perfectionist Tendencies

a picture of author Kim Louise Easterbrook giving thoughtful advise to Dominic Kotarski CMC. They are both seated facing one another. Dominic is holding Kim's book between his hands and listening intently as Kim explains the concepts of her book.

Has anyone ever accused you of being a perfectionist? Would you consider yourself a perfectionist? I often wonder why people view perfectionist traits as a negative thing. I would always prefer having a perfectionist as my surgeon or as my airline pilot. I would also like my editor to be a perfectionist. As well, the architect…

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a picture showing a lever with the words connections, talents & skills, reputation, assets on the one end and a man standing on a mountain peak on the other end

How much leverage are you comfortable with? Are you currently leveraging your business relationships, your company’s assets, your awesome personnel, your reputation, stock portfolio, and your friend’s friends? There are so many things you could leverage to give your career or your business a bit of a boost if you really wanted. The question is, are you…

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How to Change Your Team’s Behaviour

Every manager instinctively knows that there’s more than one way to peel an orange. That being said if you’re a student of human nature then you’ll also know that there are but a few simple and effective people management techniques that can be implemented from time to time that will help get your team where…

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Being the Best You Can Be

the background is black with white letters that say, Setting Yourself Up For Success

How hard of a worker do you consider yourself to be? Would you consider yourself someone who gets the job done “no matter what?” Are you someone that has a reputation for getting things done on time and within budget? Do you put your job and your career first amongst all other things? I sincerely believe that…

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Your Reputation and How to Build on it

How important is your reputation? What does it mean when someone says, “your reputation precedes you?” What can you do if you have a bad reputation? How do you get people to talk good about you behind your back? You’re always building your reputation for good, bad or ugly each time you leave your house and…

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In Honour of “Making Things Happen!”

Call it what you want, Dream Maker, Entrepreneur, Opportunity Creator, whatever name you put on it it all boils down to one elemental truth and that is someone who refuses to sit back and wait for things to happen, refuses to stand by and watch things happen they are the people who put their skin…

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